Sarva Dharma Maitri Complex at Thrissur

Bhavans Sarva Dharma Maitri Pratishtan, a broad-based national project with an international outlook, was launched in Mumbai on the eve of Gandhi Jayanthi in 1990. Since then various activities have been started to foster Sarva Dharma Maitri from the school level onwards all over India. All our public functions everywhere in India and overseas start with Sarva Dharma Prayers. The Paramacharya of Kanchi and Swami Ranganathananda of Ramakrishna Mission heartily welcomed the project.

The temple town of Thrissur flanked by historical Churches & Mosques, is well known for its historicity and sanctified by the legend related to the birth of Adi Sankara at Kaladi, a few Kilometers from Thrissur. Thrissur is also known for its multifaceted religious composition, and tradition of co-existence and harmony since time immemorial.

The Sarva Dharma Maitri Complex with a super built up area of 60000 sq. ft. will comprise a large state-of-the -art Auditorium with a seating capacity of 500, two Mini-Auditoria and spacious five storied building, built on a half acre plot. The Complex is expected to be an architectural landmark amidst several other institutions of excellence such as Kerala Sahitya Academy, Town Hall, and the Sports Complex, in the immediate vicinity of the famous Vadakkunnathan Temple. The land, situated in a prime area, was provided at a very concessional rate at the instance of Swami Ranganathananda (President, Ramakrishna Math and Mission Worldwide).

The complex named after Swami Vivekananda will comprise:

:: Hall for permanent exhibitions / audio video display of:

    - Divine Integrators of all Faiths from Vedic Age to Modern Age

     - Architects and Builders of Modern Indian Renaissance

:: Swami Vivekananda Sarva Dharma Maitri Sabhagriha

:: Swami Vivekanandas life-sized marble statue

:: Adi Shankara Sarva Dharma Pustak Bhandar

::Centre for research in Inter-faith Harmony to conduct research,     documentation and publication for the propogation and dissemination
    of information to foster inter-faith harmony.

:: An Institute of Fine Arts

:: Bhavans College of Communication & Management

:: Athithi Griha (Guest House)

:: Administrative Office